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Business Activities

Global warming countermeasures

Reduction of CO2 emissions

We are constantly making efforts to reduce energy consumption within the company and are aware of the environment.
By promoting telework together, we will consider ways of working that give consideration to the environment, such as reducing CO2 emissions during commuting.

Work Style

We are working to reduce our environmental impact through a review of our work style, including the reduction of overtime hours and the promotion of efficient work.
At the monthly Compliance Committee, shares the status of working hours with internal executives, and each division examines issues and measures to reduce overtime work, and implements specific measures.
In addition, the aggressive implementation of Robotic Process Automation "RPA" has greatly reduced work time by streamlining operations.

Environmental protection

Paperless efforts

We are actively working to reduce paper consumption in offices.
At meetings of the Board of Directors, agenda materials are distributed as data without printing, and are checked on tablets and laptops.
We are working to minimize the use of paper in our daily meetings.