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SDGs InitiativesThrough business

Densan System Holdings proposes and provides optimal solutions and services to customers.
In addition to resolving customer issues, we will support our customers in achieving their SDGs and contribute to the sustainability and growth of local communities and society.


digital textbook

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Rate of adoption of digital textbooks by publishers with which the Group does business
85.5% in 2030
2022 results 72.2%

Through digital textbooks, we support the realization of “optimal individual learning” and “collaborative learning”.
We propose the effective use of ICT in various situations, overcome various social changes while collaborating with diverse people, open up a rich life, and contribute to the development of creators of a sustainable society. increase.(Target 4.1)

DSK Multi Invoice

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Percentage of paperless invoices in multi-invoice service (digitization rate)
100% in 2030
5.9% in 2022

We handle part of the business process of a company safely and reliably with specialized technology and know-how. In the DSK multi-invoice service (invoicing agency service), we have contributed to a high level of productivity through innovation by consolidating operations in improving operations when handling huge amounts of information and ensuring security for appropriate information handling. , to help businesses. (Target 8.2) will also promote paperless invoices and strive to prevent the generation of waste. (Target 12.5)

Proactive information disclosure

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The Densan System Group aims for sustainable growth while promoting sustainability activities that bring about the creation of new value based on our sustainability policy. Similar to indicator 8.1.1 “Annual growth rate of real GDP per capita,” the Group will strive to disclose information regarding “sales” and “operating profit margin” as the most important management indicators.(Target 8.1,8.2、Target 9.1)