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Corporate Governance

To ensure the transparency of management execution and the soundness of management with the aim of continuously increasing and maximizing corporate value.
Establishing a management system and internal control system and implementing necessary measures is the basic idea of ​​our corporate governance efforts.
Positioning it as one of the most important management issues, we are striving to build an effective corporate governance system.
For details on corporate governance (report / system diagram), please refer to the report on corporate governance on the following site.


The Group has established the "Code of Conduct for Officers and Employees" and "Regulations for Compliance".
We have clarified our stance on legal compliance. To continue to be a company that is trusted and supported by society The source of the code of conduct is that each and every employee fully understands their social roles, responsibilities, and significance of existence, and recognizes the importance of compliance.
Furthermore, we have built an organization and a mechanism to ensure its effectiveness, thereby ensuring the certainty of compliance.

Risk Management

Regarding various risks associated with business promotion, Our company comprehensively grasps and manages the risks of our company and all affiliated companies based on the "Risk Management Regulations" and at the same time.
We will continuously monitor introducing decision-making through deliberations and examinations at the management level, control by comparing budgets and actual results, introduction of credit management system and approval system, internal audit, legal compliance reporting system, and introduction of various regulations regarding ensuring the reliability of financial reporting.


Our company has positioned Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) as one of its management strategies.
We will fulfill our social responsibilities through this establishment and management, information assets, including information received from customers, will be protected, thereby improving customer satisfaction.
In addition, within the scope of operations that store, process, and transmit card information, we will comply with the requirements of the PCIDSS (PaymentCard Industry Data Security Standard), which is a standard established to protect credit card and other information, and strengthen safety measures.


Information security problems and problems such as loss and leakage of personal information are frequently occurring, and there is a need to establish a system to deal with them in organizations.
In order to protect personal information, our company strives to ensure that all employees are fully aware of the importance of protecting personal information, and to ensure that all employees comply with the rules when handling personal information.