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Work Style

Reduction of overtime hours

Reduce overtime hours, promote employee health, and achieve work-life balance.

Overtime hours

We will continue to reduce the average monthly overtime hours by 10% from the previous year, and reduce the average monthly overtime hours to less than 10 hours.
Overtime hours Reduction rate
2020 12.46h/Month 2.8%
2021 11.73h/Month 5.9%
2022 11.26h/Month 4.0%

Promotion of taking paid leave

We encourage employees to take paid leave to achieve a work-life balance.

Percentage of employees taking paid leave

The average number of paid leave taken in the fiscal year is set at a minimum of 55.0%, and the percentage of paid leave taken is further promoted.
Paid leave acquisition rate
2020 55.9%
2021 61.2%
2022 67.0%


Promotion of Women's Participation

In promoting the active participation of women, we will eliminate the gender gap in employment continuation and workplace activeness, and promote the revitalization and growth of the entire organization.

Ratio of employed women

The ratio of women new graduates and mid-career employees shall be more than 45%.
Women Men Percentage of women
New graduate Mid-career recruitment Total New graduate Mid-career recruitment Total
2020 13 12 25 13 19 32 43.9%
2021 10 29 39 11 36 47 45.3%
2022 7 19 26 14 33 47 35.6%
We aim to create a corporate culture in which women are active, such as by posting information on the status of female employees' activities on recruitment brochures and employment information pages on our website.

Women manager ratio

In order to ensure diversity, we aim to increase the ratio of women managers to at least 20% of women candidates for deputy section chief positions.
As of January 1, 2023 Women Men Percentage of women
Management 9 158 5.4%
Deputy director level 10 75 11.8%
We aim to increase the ratio of female managers in the entire Group to 30% or more by 2030.
As of the end of September Women Men Percentage of women
Management 18 210 7.9%

Promotion of maternity and childcare leave

This program encourages men as well as women to take paternity leave and encourages women to take active roles.

Childcare leave acquisition rate

Try to balance work and family.
Women Men
Acquirable person Acquirer Acquisition rate Acquirable person Acquirer Acquisition rate
2020 11 11 100% 16 0 0%
2021 9 9 100% 5 0 0%
2022 9 9 100% 9 4 44.4%

Promotion of employment of people with disabilities

People with disabilities grow vegetables on farms as special welfare staff.
The vegetables harvested are distributed within the company, helping employees to improve their health, and many joyful voices contribute to the satisfaction of the farm staff. We will contribute to the realization of a society where people with disabilities can find employment opportunities and fulfillment.

Staff working on the farm

Vegetable distribution in the company

Employment rate of persons with disabilities

We will promote the creation of a work environment in which people with disabilities are employed at or above the statutory employment rate, in which they demonstrate their characteristics and individual abilities, and in which satisfaction is enhanced.

Employment rate of persons with disabilities
As of June 1, 2020 1.6% (court employment rate 2.2%)
As of June 1, 2021 2.5% (court employment rate 2.3%)
As of June 1, 2022 2.3% (court employment rate 2.3%)
As of June 1, 2023 2.2% (court employment rate 2.3%)


Local activities and support

Participation in Gifu Festival

“Mikoshi”(Mikoshi is Japanese portable shrine) is displayed at the entrance of Gifu Prefecture.
Mikoshi can’t shoulder it alone, you need a lot of people forces together.
”Hanten”(Hanten is Japanese festival uniform) symbolizes “joining forces” and “絆” (bonds) is made of letters as “纏” (together)
We have established a “Mikoshi culture” that expresses pride more highly、We will strive for greater harmony with local communities.

Local specialties to our shareholders

Every year, special products from the Gifu Prefecture are selected as a special benefit to shareholders.
This is an opportunity to contribute to local companies and to let people all over the country know the appeal of Gifu Prefecture specialty products.

Other Contributions to Local Communities

  • We are sponsoring the Gifu Prefecture Selection Elementary School Programming Tournament.
  • In June 2020, our group Corporation and its employees made a donation to the "Gifu-ken COVID-19 Prevention Fund.".
  • As an official sponsor, we support FC Gifu of Japan Professional Football League.